Mahala Drive

by Orkestar Bez Ime

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released 20 January 2010
Recorded at Waterbury Music + Sound, Minneapolis, MN
Sound Engineering: Reid Kruger for Waterbury Music + Sound, assisted by Cody Bourdot

CD Mastering: Greg Reierson for Rare Form Mastering
Produced by: Orkestar Bez Ime
Art: Douglas Padilla
Photography: Rochelle Campbell (back cover) & Colleen Bertsch (booklet)
Design: Natalie Nowytski for Renaissance Jane

OBI Is: Colleen Bertsch, Scott Keever, Dee Langley, Matt Miller, Katrina Mundinger, & Natalie Nowytski.

©2010 Orkestar Bez Ime (, except “MacAulay’s Reel” © 2001 Scott Keever, and “Opinca” strigaturi © 2010 John Omorean.
Distributed by Crackberry Field Recordings.



all rights reserved


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Orkestar Bez Ime (OBI) Minneapolis, Minnesota

Orkestar Bez Ime [or-KESS-tar behz EE-meh]--"orchestra without a name" in Bulgarian---brings you the festive village music of Eastern Europe and the Rom (Gypsy) people. OBI's repertoire reaches from Albania to Ukraine, with plenty of stops in between. Orkestar Bez Ime is a winner of the 2011-2012 McKnight Artist Fellowships for Performing Musicians administered by MacPhail Center for Music. ... more

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Track Name: Te Aven Baxtale
Haj, haj, Devla, Devla so kerdyom.
Pala, Devla, Devla matilyom.
// T’aven, t’aven baxtale, ol bare haj
ol tikne,
Murro trajo luludyi ande ratyi. //
Haj(de), romnyej, romnyej te zhas,
The has te pijas haj te gilyabas.
Deman, Devla adyes te trajisau,
Le hurde, bare ka te dikhau.
Deman, Devla, Devla sastipe,
Le romnyake haj le xurdorre.

(God, what have I done,
Again, Lord, I’ve become drunk
// May you be lucky, grownups
and children,
My life is like a flower in the night. //
Come, woman, let’s go,
To eat and drink and sing.
Give me, Lord, today to live,
So I may see the small ones grow up.
Give me, Lord, good health,
For the woman and the children.)
Track Name: Opinca
Hop hop și iară-ș hop
Cu opinca hai la joc
Hop hop, hop și iară-ș hop
Hai cu tofa fără dop…măiii…ah
Ui-ce, ui-ce, ui-ce da
Joc cu mîndra, mîndra mea
Haida, haida, nu lăsa măi
Joacă mîndra joacă bine…
Hai, hai și iară-ș hai
Cu opinca merg în rai
Hop hop, hop și iara-ș hop
Vino mîndro vi la joc…măiii…ui-ce
Hop Hop și iar așa
Iară, Iară…sus cu ea!!!!
Ui-ce, ui-ce, ui-ce…da!
Șî-ncodată iar asa…măi
Ui ui hă hă…da-o măi
Vai de mi opinca mea
Ca e ruptă bine da
Joc cu mîndra la olaltă
Și vecina cît odată
Ui-ce, ui-ce, ui-ce așa
Ui-ce, ui-ce, ui-ce fată
Și la mine cît odată
Hai, hai și iar la joc
fie de noroc
Hai hai opinca mea
Joacă bine joacă da
Hopa așa...ui-ce așa
Vai de mi opinca mea
Așa de bine stau cu ea
Ca să joc și iar să joc
Pîn-o sta soarele-n loc
Joacă bine joacă da...măiiii
Asta-i jocu, jocu nostru
Să-l jucăm și peste postu
Hai hai opinca mea
Șa de bine stau cu ea
Merge bine si frumos
Parc-ăm scri-ea pe jos
Vai de mi soareci mei
Cum sa uite la femei
Și femeile la ei
Dar nu stie ce-s în ei
Ui-ce, Ui-ce
Hop, hop și iar joc
Chiar așa…hop așa
Joacă bine joacă da
Hop, hop, hop și iară-ș hop
Să ne fie de noroc!

(Hop, hop…and again hop
with my “opinca” let’s go dance
hop, hop…and again hop
let’s go with “flask/bottle” without a cork
look, look, look, yes
I dance with my sweetheart, my girl
let’s go, let’s go…don’t stop
Dance my darling, dance well
hai, hai and again hai
with my “opinca” I go to Heaven
hop, hop…and again hop
come my darling, come and dance…look!!!
hop, hop…and again hop!
again, again…up with it!
look, look, look…yes!
and again, just like that…mai
Ui ui ha ha…let it go!
Oh my goodness my opinca
how worn out it really is
I dance along side my sweetheart
And my neighbor girl a little bit too
look, look, look, like this
look, look, look my girl
and at me every now and then
Let’s go and again let’s dance
so that we may have good luck
Let’s go my “opinca”
Dance well, dance for sure
Hop like this…look like this
Oh my goodness, my opinca
Oh how well it fits me
so I can dance and gain to dance
until the sun stops moving
dance well, dance for sure….maiii
This is a dance, this is our dance
Let’s dance it even after lent
hai, hai my opinca
look how well it fits me
it moves so well and beautifully
as if it can write on the ground
Oh my goodness, my wide pants
how they look at the women
and the women back at them
but they don’t know what’s inside of them
look-it, look-it!
hop, hop and again hop
just like this…hop like this
dance well, dance for sure
hop, hop, hop and again hop
So that we may have good luck!)
Track Name: More Cico Rece
More, čičo reče da me ženi
more, čera reče sega nek’e
// More, čera reče sega nek’e
a pa strina Sava ič ne dava. //
More, ne davaše, ne davaše
// More, najposle se saglasiše, //
more, mi zgodiše bela Neda.
More, bela, bela kako Arapka,
more, tûnka tûnka kako mečka.
More, kačeše ja na kolata
more, a kolata prikrcaja.
// More, a kolata prikrcaja,
more bivolite primrcaja. //
More, koga Neda potegliše
more, do dve daske se skršiše.
// More, do dve daske se skršiše,
more, bivolite s’uplašiše. //

(Uncle said he would marry me off
yesterday he said so, now he doesn’t want to.
Yesterday he said so, now he doesn’t want to;
and Aunt Sava won’t agree to it at all.
They wouldn’t agree and wouldn’t agree,
// And finally they did agree. //
They betrothed fair Neda.
She’s as fair as an Arab,
as thin as a bear.
They put her in the carriage;
the carriage started to creak.
// The carriage started to creak,
the buffalo staggered along (pulling it). //
When they got going with Neda in it,
it broke in two.
// It broke in two,
and the buffalo were frightened. //)
Track Name: Karanfile Cvijece Moje
// Karanfile, cvijeće moje //
// Da sam Bogd’o, sje me tvoje //
// Ja bih znala gdje bih cvala: //
// Mom dragome pod pendžere. //
// Kad moj dragi idi spati, //
karanfilće mirisati
a moj dragi uzdisati.

(Carnation, my flower,
If God had made me into your seeds
Then I would know where to bloom:
Under the windows of my loved one,
When my darling goes to sleep,
carnations will smell
and he will sigh.)
Track Name: Moj Dilbere
Moj dilbere, kud se šećeš?
Što i mene ne povedeš?
Povedi me u čaršiju,
Pa me prodaj bazadžanu.
Uzmi za me oku zlata,
Pa pozlati dvoru vrata.

(My cavalier, where are you going?
Why don’t you take me with you?
Take me to the old town,
we can haggle with the merchants there.
Buy me a kilo of gold,
So we can gild our courtyard gates.)
Track Name: Makedonsko De Vojce
Makedonsko devojče, kitka šarena,
vo gradina nabrana, dar podarena.
Da li ima n’ovoj beli svet,
po’ubavo devojče od Makedonče?
Nema, nema ne ke se rodi,
po’ubavo devojče od Makedonče!
Nema zvezdi polični, od tvojte oči.
Da se noče na nebo,
denke razdeni.
Koga kosi raspletiš, kako koprina,
lična si i polična, od samovila.
Koga pesna zapeje, slavej nad peje.
Koga ora zaigra,
sârce razigra.

(Macedonian girl, a colorful bouquet,
Picked in the garden, given as a gift.
Is there in this big wide world,
A girl more beautiful than a Macedonian?
There isn’t, there isn’t, never will be born,
a girl more beautiful than a Macedonian!
There are no stars brighter than your eyes.
If they were in the sky at night,
there would be daylight.
When you unbraid your hair, like silk,
you’re beautiful, more beautiful than a fairy.
When she sings a song, she outsings a nightingale.
when she starts to dance,
she makes your heart dance with joy.)
Track Name: Romanian Lullaby
// Mama cînd mo legănat, //
// Numai de dor mio cîntat. //
// Mio cîntat de dor șio plîns, //
// Dorul de mine so prins. //
// De cînd dorul la inima, //
Numai am nici o hodină,
Nici la prînz și nici la cină.
// Cîte doruri leles grele, //
// Toates pă braţăle mele. //
// Dar nu moare de bătrîn, //
// Nu ști dorul de cei bun. //
// Dar eu știu că lam purtat, //
// De cînd mama mio cîntat. //

When mama rocked me,
She only sang to me of longing.
She sang to me of longing and I cried,
And longing took me.
Since then I carry longing to my heart,
And I have no respite,
Neither during the day nor in the evening.
So many hard longings are severe,
All are on my arms.
One dies from old age,
You don’t know what good it is.
But I know that I carried it,
Since mama sang of it to me.